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Welcome to Roadster-Fashion!

At these sites, you will find a lot of things round the BMW Z1. The Z1 is our hobby. That's the reason why we will give you answers, hints and tipps for DIY for free, without wheedle you into buying something.

We can help you in case of technical problems, searching for spare parts or special tecnical soloutions and also if you have questions about paintwork and leather care.

Questions around the Z1?
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Some short words about "":
This shop arised of the hobby and our interest to the Z1. We don't want to see it as a source of capital, because we can't (or don't want to and must not) live from our hobby (fortunately!)

So... enough words, have fun at the Shop site of Roadster-Fashion ?

Leather care products and hints to, especialy for the BMW Z1, you can find at